Works on all car surfaces.
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Vent Mount

Great when space is limited.
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Attaches securely with a durable suction.
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Desk Mount

Great for office use.
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CD Slot

Durable hold with 360 degree rotation.
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360 degree rotation for views.
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6 Mounting Options
Mobile Phone Holder for Car
why choose Grip
Mobile Phone Holder

The Perfect Fit

The Grip All-in-1™ simple touch phone holster is a universal solution that is engineered to safely enhance your driving experience. The arm release button makes it a quick and easy way to secure your phone into the desired position. With a fully padded body, this mount will hold your phone snug and tight. This holster is adjustable to fit most devices up to: 3.5" wide x 6.5" tall x 1.2" deep..

Phone Holder

Multi-Angle Viewing

The Grip All-in-1™ features a ball point mechanism on all mounting adapters to add versatility to mounting your phone in any car. Made from lightweight yet incredibly strong materials, this locking ball head makes adjusting your phone to nearly any position quick and easy. Get the best viewing angle. Be able to view your phone without blocking your windshield.

Suction Mount

3.5mm thick rubber suction that features a durable sticky gel layer and a secure locking mechanism to ensure a snug fit on most surfaces.

Vent Mount

Easily secure mount to your car’s vent with a spring loaded clamp. Vent clamp does not work with all circular vents.

CD Slot Mount

CD mount base can be securely inserted into your car’s CD/DVD slot and locked into position with a turn knob. Mount your smartphone without sticking your holder onto your windshield or dashboard with this adapter.

Adhesive Mount

This 3M strong adhesive stick on mount can be used on virtually any surface needed to hold your phone. Great for use on car dashboards, at work, home, boat, RV and so much more.

Suction Grip Pad

The dashboard and surface grip pad is designed to ensure a “NO AIR” gap between the suction and the desired mounting surface for a longer lasting grip.

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